Coffee Welcome to your new favorite place Joseph est une brasserie au coeur de la nouvelle zone premium du centre commercial de Cap 3000, située au dessus de la mer avec une vue panoramique de l’aéroport de Nice jusqu’à Marina Baie des Anges. Counter Restaurant c c d Our Traditional cuisine, delicately combined with the latest trends
We aim to offer you gourmet French cuisine, we use products from the short circuit, from our neighbouring farmers and growers.
The kitchen is open throughout the day from 9am until dinner. We offer a sweet and savoury menu all afternoon.
The Menu will be unveiled shortly.
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x BAR We will (really) awaken your senses
The bar, or rather the bars, as Joseph has three, one in the reception area, one on the first floor and one on the terrace, hold a central place.
They are indeed places of welcome, of life, of meeting but above all of creation.
Apéro, lunch or diner ?


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Joseph at Cap 3000

Joseph is your new home for gastronomy and life in the heart of the Corso area of Cap 3000. We welcome you from breakfast to dinner, not forgetting the aperitif on a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean.

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Joseph offers you a Mediterranean cuisine, fresh, local and fair. Our chef selects the best products, the best suppliers and producers. We demand fair and thoughtful value for money. Our menu changes throughout the year and with the seasons. We offer weekly suggestions and a striking dish of the day.

Opening hours


Kitchen open from 8:30 a.m. for breakfast, 12:00 p.m. for lunch non-stop until dinner at 00:00 from tuesday to saturday, 8.30am to 7.00pm on sunday & monday

Opening time:
7/7 days from 8:30 a.m. to midnight (monday & sunday until 7pm).
(except sunday, open until 7.00pm)

Opening Hours

Non stop service

Kitchen open from 8:30 a.m. for breakfast, 12:00 p.m. for lunch non-stop until dinner at 00:00 from tuesday to saturday, until 7.00pm on sunday/monday.

Opening time: 7/7 days from 8:30 a.m. to midnight.
(except sunday & monday, open until 7.00pm)


Joseph is proud to collaborate with the Maison Cafe Richard for its coffees and teas. Cafe Richard was founded in 1892, is still owned by the same family and has been evolving for over a century. Café Richard is an importer, roaster and also a trainer. It is a passionate company which, since 2003, has adopted an ethical approach and a fair trade policy. This allows us to preserve the soil, the people and the coffee, and to guarantee an irreproachable quality.

For breakfast

We have selected coffees but also teas and infusions of superior quality to offer a wide range of hot drinks.
Breakfast is an important part of Joseph's service, we offer from the very beginning pastries and different breads from our artisan baker, organic eggs in all their forms but also freshly squeezed juices and detox cocktails.

Places of welcome, of life, of meeting
but above all, of creation.

The counter

Cocktails are a precise art, our head bartender, Michael Guglielmi, who has just returned from a career in Asia, offers unique creations, revisited classics, homemade syrups, infused spirits and a choice of premium spirits. Because the bar is not just about alcohol, we have selected a wide range of organic softs, fresh fruit juices, and creative non-alcoholic cocktails.

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A flavour

Cocktails menu


Mûres Fraiches, Framboise Fraiches, Sirop de CBD «Amnésia», Rhum Sailor Jerry, Ginger Beer, huile de cbd


Aperol, Amaretto Disaronno, Purée de Pamplemousse, citron, blanc d’oeuf


H by Hine, Chambord, Sirop d’Hibiscus, Bitter aromatic, citron, ginger beer


Kumquat Frais, Sirop de mangue épicé, Basilic frais, citron, Rhum infusé citron/coco/ananas

Sarah’s Favorite

Citron, Jaggermeister, Kalhua, Liqueur de Cerise, Sucre

Fun Fair

Fraise Fraiche, Beefeater Pink, Liqueur de gin rose grenade, liqueur de litchee, Citron, Stick de Barbe à papa


Tequila Rosa, Pastèque, Triple sec, Sirop Maison de jalapeños, citron

Asian Tiky

Rhum Ananas, Sirop maison « Saveur d’Asie», Crème de coco, jus de pamplemousse

GIni Cherry

Gin Hautefeuille Yuzu, Sake citron Gingembre, Liqueur de Cerise, Purée de pêche, Citron, blanc d’oeuf

After coffee

Whisky Teeling, Shankys whip, sirop de cold brew, expresso

Pacific Dream

Vodka Absolut, Liqueur Italicius, purée de framboise, wasabi, citron, Bitter Yuzu, jus de pamplemousse, blanc d’oeuf, sésame wazabi

The team


The Joseph team is a family, we offer training, quality of work and organisation.
If you are passionate about the restaurant business, send us an application by email.


Joseph has 4 restaurant and bar areas: two levels with two terraces. It is therefore possible to privatise one or more areas. We offer you several complete privatization offers for your groups, whether it is for a cocktail, a dinner or a wedding. We will know how to organize your events completely. Send us your requests by email.

Joseph's aperitifs


Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, bands and DJs will take over the aperitifs and parties. We have created a musical identity, a cozy and festive atmosphere in order to enjoy our terrace from the aperitif until the end of the evening. Children's entertainment on weekends will be presented at the opening: magicians, presentation of our vegetable garden, .